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About Us

The Darlington County Virtual Academy (DCVA) will be available to accommodate students who may not be ready to return to face-to-face instruction due to Coronavirus concerns and to continue to serve students of all ages who have found online learning to be a good fit during the pandemic. Darlington County Virtual Academy (DCVA) offers a virtual school program that utilizes the very best online AND offline resources from top educational publishers and curriculum specialists to deliver a high-quality 5K–12 comprehensive online education aligned with South Carolina College & Career Ready Standards. 

Unlike other online educational options, the Darlington County Virtual Academy will provide students a district-issued device, instructional materials and software. In addition, students will be taught by a certified Darlington County School District teacher, and instruction will match DCSD instructional expectations and standards for learning. It is our hope that this platform for learning will serve as a bridge to create a smooth transition back to traditional schooling when available.

Carla M. Jefferson, DCVA Director